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URJ Books And Music :: Reform Judaism :: Reform Judaism Reader, The: North American Reader

Reform Judaism Reader, The: North American Reader
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ISBN: 0-8074-0732-1

Reform Judaism Reader, The: North American Reader

Michael A. Meyer, W. Gunther Plaut

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North American Documents

A Reform Judaism Reader chronicles the history of Reform Judaism from its roots in Western Europe until today. Included in the book are historical documents and writings by renowned authors that reflect the on-going evolution of Reform Judaism. These entries form a resource of enormous importance to anyone interested in the Reform movement's history, its present status, and its current direction.

Change is - and always has been - one of the defining characteristics of the Reform Movement. Throughout its history, it has been able to successfully adapt its relationship to tradition and Jewish heritage to meet the spiritual needs of the majority of American Jews. Its stances on halachah, ritual, social justice, and many other key issues have evolved significantly over the past two centuries, making contemporary Reform Judaism far different from what it was at its beginning, and even a generation ago.

A Reform Jewish Reader covers such areas as theology, social action, the Sabbath, outreach, and education.

  • Ideal for high school and adult education study
  • Each document preceded by an introduction by the authors
  • A complete reference collection for every Reform Judaism home and library

As both authors are known for their role in documenting the growth of the Reform Movement, this book is sure to aid readers in understanding the changes that have occurred over the 200 year history.

Michael A. Meyer is the Adolph S. Ochs Professor of Jewish History, HUC-JIR in Cincinnati, OH. He specializes in Jewish intellectual history and the history of Reform Judaism.

W. Gunther Plaut is the distinguished author of two URJ Press books, The Haftarah Commentary and The Torah: A Modern Commentary.


Meyer, Michael
Plaut, W. Gunther

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This product is now available from Behrman House. Please view this product on the Behrman House web site.


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