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URJ Books And Music :: Holidays :: High Holy Days :: Yamim Noraim Highlights (Days of Awe) (CD of High Holy Days Choral Music)

Yamim Noraim Highlights (Days of Awe) (CD of High Holy Days Choral Music)
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Languages: English, Hebrew
Yamim Noraim Highlights (Days of Awe) (CD of High Holy Days Choral Music)

Miscellaneous/Adler, Samuel, ed.

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Highlights of the 5 CD set. An excellent resource for discovering High Holy Days choral music by such esteemed composers as Lewandowski, Adler, Freed, and many others.

CONTENTS: Music for Rosh Hashanah 1.Saminsky - Esa Einai (02:18)
2.Trad./S. Adler - Bar'chu (00:51)
3.Fromm - Sh'ma Yisrael (00:50)
4.Fromm - Mi Chamocha (01:01)
5.Helfman - Hashiveinu (04:50)
6.Steinberg - Shalom Rav-B'sefer Chayim (02:50)
7.Kalmanoff - May The Words (02:38)
8.Janowski - Avinu Malkeinu (02:40)
9.Lewandowski - Hallelujah (02:33)
10.Low - Uv'shofar (06:42)
11.S. Adler - Y'varech'cha (01:44)
12.Fromm - An'im Z'mirot (01:51)
Music for Yom Kippur 13.Fromm, arr. S. Adler - Kol Nidre (07:09)
14.Piket - Al Chet (01:26)
15.Helfman - Sh'ma Koleinu (04:48)
16.S. Adler - Chatsi Kaddish (02:25)
17.Isaacson - K'racheim Av (01:24)
18.Trad./S. Adler - Eli Tsiyon (02:08)
19.Lewandowski - Enosh (04:30)
20.Fromm - The 23rd Pslam (03:02)
21.Sargon - Eil Nora Alilah (02:31)
22.Fromm - P'tach Lanu Shaar (01:08)
23.Steinberg - Adoni Hu Ha-Elohim (00:27)
24.S. Adler - Amen-final Blessing/ Adonai Yishmar (01:59)


Adler, Samuel

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