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URJ Books And Music :: Holidays :: Shavuot :: Ruth: A Modern Commentary

Ruth: A Modern Commentary
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ISBN: 807408492

Ruth: A Modern Commentary

Edited and translated by Leonard S. Kravitz and Kerry M. Olitzky

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A chronicle of loss and despair, love, romance, and hope, the Book of Ruth includes themes and lessons applicable to the lives of contemporary readers: rebuilding a life after extreme loss; conversion to Judaism; women's roles, sexuality and legal status; finding love again; and more. This work incorporates interpretations from the Targum, Rashi, and Ibn Ezra, as well as scholarly and contemporary sources, to create an engaging and accessible modern commentary on this ancient text.


Olitzky, Kerry

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Kravitz and Olitzky's original translation tries to recapture for the modern reader the beauty of the Divine love story that the Rabbis found in the text. Using commentary from Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Gersonides, and others, as well as insights from related contemporary teachings, the line-by-line translation and commentary breathes new life into the traditional rabbinic reading of this unique text.

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"...a fascinating guide to human and especially Jewish living... the book will captivate you."--W. Gunther Plaut
A Feldman Library Fund publication.

Mishlei: A Modern Commentary on Proverbs Mishlei: A Modern Commentary on Proverbs

URJ Press Allows you to rediscover another classic Jewish text
From the authors who brought you the highly acclaimed Pirke Avot: A Modern Commentary on Jewish Ethics comes another thoughtful work exploring a Jewish classic.

Introducing a new user-friendly translation and commentary to the book of Proverbs!

"It is a tree of life to those that hold fast to it and all of its supporters are happy."

Proverbs 3:18

Passages from Proverbs have worked their way into our siddur and Jewish vocabulary. Now the editors of Pirkei Avot: A Modern Commentary on Jewish Ethics and Shemonah Perakim: A Treatise on the Soul bring you a contemporary, gender-sensitive translation of Proverbs, based on recent advances in scholarship.

Included in this new edition are:

  • The Hebrew text of Proverbs
  • A modern commentary
  • Gleanings on related topics from other sources
  • Related topical mini-essays
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Kravitz & Olitzky Modern Commentary Series Collection (9 Books) Kravitz & Olitzky Modern Commentary Series Collection (9 Books)

Special Value Price: $107.00

URJ Press is proud to offer all nine best selling modern commentaries at 30% off the retail price!

Each volume in this collection is designed for the reader to learn on their own, in a small study group, or within a classroom setting.

Leonard S. Kravitz and Kerry M. Olitzky have perfected their signature style of presenting information: so each volume includes the Hebrew text with English translation, commentary, questions for discussion, and additional resources. Designed for learners age 13 - adult, the Kravitz and Olitzky series has been used in Hebrew high school, rabbinic school, day schools, and camps.

Retail Value: $152.55

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